The Privacy Policy Macro displays a short privacy statement on a user’s site which links to the main Privacy Policy.

This macro creates a recognizable privacy statement for any page on the site where it might be needed to display one, to let the user know that their data is being tracked, etc.


  1. Go to the form you wish to edit.

  2. Click Edit.

  3. Click Insert More Content, and select Other Macros.

  4. Select the Privacy Policy macro from the provided list.

    The Macro Browser with the Privacy Policy macro available.
  5. Complete the desired fields.



    Page to link to, for the privacy policy


    Privacy Policy

    CSS Class

    The class attribute of the element



  6. The macro will then appear on the page.


Adding a Privacy Statement

By default, the statement will link to a page called Privacy Policy in the current Space. As we don’t have a privacy policy in this space, the link will appear broken.

Users can specify an alternate page, even one in a different space, for a full privacy policy.

With Page parameter set to "ADAPTAVIST:Privacy Policy". "ADAPTAVIST" being the key of the space and "Privacy Policy" being the page name.

The result is:

[Privacy Policy]

Privacy policy text.

See our Privacy Policy for more details.

Highlight key items on a page using the Privacy Mark which when clicked will take the user to the on-screen privacy statement.