Use the Privacy Mark macro to highlight parts of content that refer to a privacy policy. This macro uses a widely familiar lock icon with a custom tooltip to indicate that the adjacent content has privacy implications. When clicked, the page will focus on any privacy statement added with the Privacy Policy.


  1. Navigate to the page you want to edit.

  2. Click Edit.

  3. Click where you want to add the privacy icon.
  4. Click Insert More Content Other Macros.

  5. Select the Privacy Mark macro from the Macro Browser.

    Macro Browser with the Privacy Mark macro highlighted
  6. Complete the desired fields.



    Enter the text to display in a tooltip, e.g. Only analytics data gathered




    CSS Class

    Option to apply a custom CSS class to the element. Enter the CSS class name(s) to apply to the macro (case sensitive); multiple classes can be separated by a space or comma. Do not include the . selector in the class name. Classes must be part of your Global Confluence CSS or defined in a CSS Stylesheet macro that you have added to your page.




  7. Click Insert. The macro placeholder displays.

    Privacy Mark macro placeholder with tooltip text defined.
  8. Save the page to view the rendered icon. 
    Privacy mark icon
  9. Hover over the icon to display the tooltip. If you have added a Privacy Policy macro, click the icon to display the relevant content on the page.

See also: Privacy Policy