The BibTeX Referencing macro and BibTeX Display Table macro let you add BibTeX style references to your content and display them in a searchable and sortable table on the same page. This is useful when bibliographic references are required or can be useful when transferring a LaTeX document to Confluence that includes a list of references formatted using BibTeX.

Please note that this macro requires some knowledge of BibTeX formats.

BibTeX Referencing instructions

  1. Navigate to the page that you want to edit.

  2. Click Edit.

  3. Click the location on the page where you want to add the reference.
  4. Click Insert More Content Other Macros.

  5. Select the BibTeX Referencing macro in the Macro Browser.

    Macro Browser with BibTeX Referencing highlighted
  6. Complete the reference parameters.



    Enter the BibTeX form of the reference to be displayed. References must be a valid BibTeX reference. Invalid formats are not rendered in the BibTeX display table. BibTeX references must also be correctly formatted and include an author field. (See below for a list of supported reference types)




    Specify the type of reference link that will be displayed. The options include "number" or "author".




    Author Name

    If reference type is "author", include text to be displayed as the link, e.g. Howard et al (2017). This is required if "author" is selected as type.



    If references are not properly formed following BibTeX convention then the BibTeX display table macro will show a warning message. Note that only the following BibTeX entry types are supported:

    • article

    • book

    • booklet

    • conference

    • inbook

    • incollection

    • inproceedings

    • manual

    • masterthesis

    • misc

    • phdthesis

    • proceedings

    • techreport

    • unpublished

  7. Click Insert. A macro placeholder displays.  It should be positioned in the desired location of the reference link, inline with the text.

The placeholder for the BibTex Referencing macro, shown in-line.

Complete the above steps to add further references. Once you have added a macro for each reference, you can add the display table.

BibTeX Display Table instructions

The BibTeX Display Table lists all the references that are displayed above it unless already displayed in another display table. You can add one or more tables to a page.

  1. In Edit view, click the location where you want to add the table.
  2. Select Insert More Content > Other Macros.
  3. Select the BibTex Display Table macro from the Macro Browser.
  4. There are no parameters to define for the macro. Click Insert. The placeholder macro displays.
  5. Save your page to view the rendered table.


Number reference

Author reference

Number reference link

If the type is set to "number", the link displays as follows.

Author reference link

If the type is set to "author", the link displays as follows.

Bibliography Display Table

The BibTeX Display macro displays a table of references based on each BibTeX Referencing macro included on the page. The table is generally added at the bottom of a same page but you can group references by adding BibTeX Display Table macros to smaller sections of content.

An example of a rendered BibTeX Display Table.