We are constantly looking for ways to improve our macros. Here are some of the most recent improvements we've made and what we have planned. If there's something you want to see, let us know by leaving a comment on our suggestion board

Recent Updates - 9th March

We've just added an Image library to our Card, Alert, and Background macros. You can make your confluence page look amazing quickly and easily with free stock pictures for every occasion. Now you don't need to have an image ready you can simply search for what you need without leaving the macro editor. 

Our popular Numbered Headings feature has just had an update. You can now apply a few different styles to your headings, giving you even more control over how your page looks. 

You may have noticed that we have added a new way for you to communicate with us. Whenever you open the editors for one of our macros, you'll see a chat icon appear in the bottom right of your screen. If you have a burning question or suggestion, you can quickly let us know about it without ever needing to leave the app.

What We're Working On Now

  • Create color palettes for your space and organization. this will help to give your spaces a cohesive feel and make sticking to brand or team colors easy.
  • Improvements to our buttons macro, to make it easier to link to what you want.

A Little Further Down the Road

We're working on a new macro - Interactive Banner. This will let you create a number of scrolling slides to highlight important information and link people to where they need to go.

Partner of the Year 2021

We are really proud to have been awarded Atlassian's Partner of the year award 2021:Cloud Experience.

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