We are constantly looking for ways to improve our macros. Here are some of the most recent improvements we've made as well as what we have planned. If there's something you want to see let us know by leaving a comment on our suggestion board

Recent Updates - 22nd June

We are really proud to have been awarded Atlassian's Partner of the year award 2021:Cloud Experience

We have added to and improved our new Background Macro. With this macro, you can easily use color to divide your page into manageable and engaging sections. 

  • Add the specific color you want and select the perfect opacity
  • Choose the right text color for the best reading experience
  • Add an image, and change the opacity and location of the image
  • Add rounded colors to your background for a softer and more sophisticated look

Following a request, we have updated our Button Group macro so you can arrange the tabs both horizontally and vertically

We've recently released a number of improvements to our Tabs macro that allow you to put other macros inside our tabs, have multiple tab groups on a page, and choose the orientation of your tabs

What We're Working On

  • Our pop-up dialog macro is in development and will be coming soon. This will let you provide extra information on your page, and encourage viewers to engage with your content.
  • We are continuing to add more functionality to our background macro to let you tile your images as a background, and precisely set the size of the background.

Next On Our List

We are looking for the best way to create customizable numbered headings and lists to help you organize your content more easily.