We are constantly looking for ways to improve our macros. Here are some of the most recent improvements we've made and what we have planned. If there's something you want to see, let us know by leaving a comment on our suggestion board

Recent Updates - 25th November

We are really proud to have been awarded Atlassian's Partner of the year award 2021:Cloud Experience.

Get your content to look exactly how you want it to with our new alignment options. You can now align the content that goes inside all our macros by selecting an alignment option from inside the editor.

Many of our macros allow you to customize their colors. We know users often like to use the same colors more than once. Now, to save you from hunting for the color you used last time, we've added a recently used palette. This color palette will hold the last seven colors you used on any of our macros, making it easier to get the look you're after.

We've just released a much-asked-for new feature. Numbered Headings allows you to quickly and easily apply numbers to your headings automatically. It works a little differently than our other macros with the toggle for the headings on the view page. So there is no need to add a macro on the page. We'll be refining and improving this feature, so if you have any suggestions please let us know.

What We're Working On Now

  • Adding an Image library to our macros that allow images - Make your confluence page look amazing quickly and easily with stock pictures for every occasion.
  • Create color palettes for your space. this will help to give your spaces a cohesive feel and make sticking to brand or team colors easy.

A Little Further Down the Road

We're planning on adding space and organization palettes. This will let you offer your teams a set of colors for easy use with all our macros. This makes branding and theming in individual spaces or a whole confluence site quick and easy.