Content Formatting Macros for Confluence Server and DC

Strike Text

The Strike macro provides a highly graphical way to indicate deleted text.


  1. Go to the form you wish to edit.

  2. Click Edit.

  3. Click Insert More Content, and select Other Macros.

  4. Select the Strike macro from the provided list.

    strike 01
  5. Complete the desired fields.

    Parameter Description Type Default Required

    CSS Class

    Specify the class attribute of the element




    Output type

    Specifies that the macro will be displayed inline with the surrounding content

    single select


  6. The macro will then appear on the page.

    strike 02


Standard Use

Attack some text with a red marker:

strike 03
strike 04

The longer your text, the better the effect. Use this macro to strike out old prices after reducing them for a more graphical effect.

strike 05

When viewed with the Printable view, the text will simply have a line through it, making it easier to print.