Content Formatting Macros for Confluence Cloud


BibTeX is a pair of macros that allow you to insert reference numbers or names within your content and display the BibTeX style references within a searchable and sortable table in a chosen location on the page.

The BibTeX Referencing macro requires some previous knowledge of using BibTeX formats. Learn more about formats at

Supported Formats

  • article

  • book

  • booklet

  • conference

  • inbook

  • incollection

  • inproceedings

  • manual

  • masterthesis

  • misc

  • phdthesis

  • proceedings

  • techreport

  • unpublished

BibTeX Referencing Instructions

  1. Navigate to the page you would like to edit.

  2. Click the Edit icon in the top right of the page.

  3. Click the position where you want to display a BibTeX marker, e.g. next to a word or at the end of a sentence.

  4. Select Insert > View More in the Confluence editor.

  5. Select the BibTex Referencing macro in the Select Macro screen.

  6. Create the reference using the following macro parameters:

    1. Reference (required): Enter the reference to be displayed for the corresponding entry.

      References must be a valid BibTeX reference to be displayed in the BibTeX display table. BibTex references must also be correctly formatted and include an author field.
    2. Type: This is the format of the reference link displayed. Options include Number and Author. Number displays a sequencial number reference and Author displays the name defined in the Author Name input field.

    3. Author Name: If you select Author as your reference type, enter the corresponding name in the Author Name input field.


  7. Click Insert. An asterisk placeholder is displayed. Once published, the reference number or name is displayed.


When subsequent BibTeX Referencing macros are added, or changes are made to existing macro parameters, the asterisk placeholder is displayed for all number type references until you publish the page.

BibTeX Display Table Instructions

Once you have added your BibTeX references, you can insert the BibTeX Display Table macro. This displays all references that have been added above it, unless already in another display table.

  1. Click where you want the BibTeX display table to appear on your Confluence page.

  2. Select Insert > View More in the Confluence editor.

  3. Select the BibTeX Display Table macro in the Select Macro screen.

  4. Click Insert. A macro placeholder is displayed.

  5. Click Publish to render your BibTeX entries on the page and display the corresponding table. References are sorted by date, with the most recent date first. Users have the option to sort by reverse date order or by type. The Search field allows users to filter the table to display, for example, only references for a particular author.


  6. Click a (bib) reference link in the table to display the complete reference in a pop-up.



  • There is a Confluence limitation related to the use of the { character in migrated content. This does not impact the usability of the macros, but the BibTeX Reference macro may display Unknown macro in edit mode in the Legacy editor. This can be resolved by converting your page to the new Cloud editor.

  • Due to a Confluence limitation, the Export to PDF functionality does not work for content created with the BibTeX macros. If you want to preserve your content in PDF format, we recommend that you use your browser’s built-in functionality to print to PDF.

  • Confluence Cloud does not support the use of page anchors, therefore the BibTex macros do not provide links that point users to the BibTeX reference or location it is used on a page.