The Topic Status Column Macro displays the status of a topic. The topic status is shown using lock, flame, and pin images. Each of these represents a locked, active, or pinned topic. The heading of the column can be customized to suit the user’s needs.

  1. Go to a space with a forum, and click on the page in which it is located. Select Edit.

  2. Click inside the Forum macro on the page.

  3. Click the Insert More Content icon, and select Other Macros.

  4. Type topic status into the search bar, and select the Forum - Topic Status Column Macro.

  5. Complete the desired fields.

    • Topic Status Format Format for displaying an icon for topic status.

    • Topic Status Column Heading Heading for topic status column in the forum.

    • Activity Indicator Threshold Set the activity indicator threshold.

  6. Then, click Insert.

The column is added to the forum table.

A rendered example of a Topic Status Column macro.