With the Board Export power-up, you can export and share important lists and progress details with clients and colleagues without having to add them to your Trello boards!

Recently added features:

  • Export Trello Activity Logs, Comments, Checklists, and Advanced Checklists.
  • Provide customization for Custom Fields and Checklists in Excel file exports.
  • Export Trello Checklists and Advanced Checklists, including checklist due dates and members.
  • Share a spreadsheet containing your Done cards with clients.
  • Email stakeholders a weekly report by embedding an image of your upcoming To-dos.
  • Download a photo or screenshot of your board for a presentation or print it off.

Board Export allows you to export loads of valuable data from your board in three convenient file types: 

  • Spreadsheet (Excel or CSV)
  • PDF
  • Image (PNG)

See our page on Data Included in Exports for a complete list of what each export operation includes.

How to use Board Export

To export a board:

  1. From the home page of the associated board, click  Power-Ups, then select Board Export.

  2. The Board Export screen appears.

    Make your desired selections for which items should be included in the export. 

  3. Click Export Lists.
    The Export Preferences window appears.
  4. Select your desired export format.

    Use the Fields dropdown to customize the fields included in your desired format.

  5. Click Export.
    The file is downloaded in your desired format!

Watch a short video of this process:

Customization menu

Click Customization in the right-hand menu to access additional options for Microsoft Excel exports. 

The options here relate to formatting for Custom Fields and Checklists.

Click the associated toggle option in the Customization menu to change your desired formatting option.

Visit our Authorization and Licensing page to learn more about purchasing this Power-Up.

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