Autoblocks for Jira Server and DC

Setting Permissions

Note: You must be a Jira server administrator to set permissions for AutoBlocks.

After you install AutoBlocks for Jira, only Jira system admins have access.

Follow this process to grant others permission to use AutoBlocks for Jira, either as admins or as editors.

  1. Navigate to Global Permissions in Jira.

  2. Scroll to the AutoBlocks permissions.

    There are currently two AutoBlocks permissions:

    • AutoBlocks Editor - This permission grants users the ability to view, create, and edit any workspace. Editors can also delete workspaces they create that are not approved.

    • AutoBlocks Admin - This permission grants users the ability to view, edit, create, and delete workspaces. It also grants the authority to review (approve/reject) proposed workspaces for editors and other admins and deploy workspaces.

  3. Make permission updates in the Permission and Group fields.

  4. Click Add.

    New permissions appear on the page.

    global permissions

Check out Atlassian’s documentation on managing global permissions if you’d like to learn more.