Autoblocks for Jira Server and DC

Java Compiler for AutoBlocks

AutoBlocks requires a Java compiler to create automations. For a lot of Jira installations, there’s already one available, since Atlassian recommend installing the Java Development Kit (JDK). However, it’s not uncommon for Jira installations to run on the Java Runtime Environment (JRE), which doesn’t include a compiler.

To address that, Adaptavist has created an add-on called Adaptavist Java Tools (AJT). AJT provides a Java compiler to Atlassian applications that are running on the JRE instead of the JDK.

If the handy button to automatically install it doesn’t work for you, you can download the Adaptavist Java Tools jar and manually install it.

Here are a few popular questions and answers:

  • What does Adaptavist Java Tools (AJT) do? AJT makes a Java compiler available to other Atlassian apps. If your Atlassian app is running on a Java Development Kit, you won’t need it.

  • Will exported workspaces work without AJT installed? Yes, they will! The Java compiler is only required to build the automation. Once it’s built, it can be exported and run on any Jira instance.