AutoBlocks for Jira

Hey, you made it!

Welcome to AutoBlocks for Jira, Adaptavist’s visual programming environment that simplifies coding for non-programmers.

Ever struggled with command line or proper coding-language syntax? We can help with that!

AutoBlocks allows you to apply programming principles to Jira project administration without having to be an expert programmer. You can customize your Jira instance and build automations to create tailored tasks more efficiently and with less manual effort. And the best part is everything you build outputs with the correct programmatic syntax.

Building automations with visual blocks is pretty cool and accessible, especially if you’re a lover of building projects, jigsaw puzzles, or word problems. But honestly, you don’t have to enjoy any of those things to be a whiz at AutoBlocks. Experience with Jira project coordination and a little experimentation with AutoBlocks can take you quite far.

We’re always here to help you.

If you get stuck, we’ve got your back! We have super-helpful resources, like preassembled use cases, the Atlassian Community, and Adaptavist support.

We also hope you visit the Adaptavist Library, where you and the rest of the AutoBlocks community can share automations with each other.

And finally, if you can spare it, take a moment to learn more about Blockly, the amazing open-source technology that makes AutoBlocks for Jira possible.