The documentation in this doc set is for Autoblocks for Jira, a deprecated version of our Autoblocks app. If you are looking for documentation for the current Autoblocks app, click here.

This page contains a few examples of what you can do with AutoBlocks for Jira.

Add subtasks when you create a Jira issue

Automate the creation of sub-tasks for new Jira issues. This allows you to predefine standard workflow sub-tasks and procedures. You can even specify which sub-tasks are added based on the issue type that’s created.

Add comments to issues based on conditions

Automate comments added to issues that meet specific criteria. For example, if an issue’s status escalates, you can automate a custom comment to the customer who submitted the issue. You can automate comments to improve internal notifications, as well.

Send emails for high-priority bugs

Automate emails to be sent when a high-priority bug is raised. How quickly your team responds to severe bugs is critical to customer satisfaction and product feedback. With this automation, you choose the priority level of bugs to send emails for, to whom the emails are sent, and the message.