The documentation in this doc set is for Autoblocks for Jira, a deprecated version of our Autoblocks app. If you are looking for documentation for the current Autoblocks app, click here.

Even though AutoBlocks for Jira was designed to make your life easier, challenges may still arise as you figure things out.Here are some frequently asked questions and answers. If you still don’t find information you need, don’t hesitate to reach out to Adaptavist support.

  • Why aren’t my blocks snapping together?

    Blocks only connect if the back-end code that defines them works properly. If you find two blocks are not snapping together, it means the relationship is not stable.

  • Can I copy/paste blocks from a colleague and reuse for my own blocks?

    Yes, exporting/importing workspaces allows you to reuse individual blocks or entire workspaces.

  • Can I choose someone specific to approve my workspace, e.g., my HR manager?

    Workspaces proposed for deployment appear in a general queue (global, not project-specific) for all AutoBlocks admins. However, AutoBlocks admins have the ability to deploy workspaces still in Draft status. This approach ignores the proposal step and allows an admin of your choosing to review and deploy your workspace. You simply have to communicate and plan the review/deployment with the specific admin you desire. And remember, any Jira user can be assigned the AutoBlocks Admin permission via Jira’s Global Permissions settings.

  • Is there a log or record of what has happened to my workspace?

    Yes, the Events tab contains a log of events that have triggered in your workspace, including save history, errors, warnings, and other important messages. You can use filters to view events that occurred in the last few minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and even years.