The blocks that you use to build automations are stored in separate compartments called libraries. A library is a collection of blocks and necessary services that work with a specific connection service, e.g., the Jira Cloud library contains blocks and services you'll need to build automations with Jira Cloud, while the Confluence Server/DC library contains blocks and services you'll need to use to build automations with Confluence Server/DC, etc. There's also a Basic library that contains generic blocks that you can use alongside blocks from any other service-specific library blocks in AutoBlocks.Adding Libraries

Even if you rely most heavily on the code editor to build automations, you still must add the pertinent libraries to the workspace to work with connection services. 

Add multiple libraries to a single workspace to build automations between different services—that's the beauty of AutoBlocks!

Adding Libraries to a Workspace

Here's how to add libraries to your workspace.

  1. In an open workspace, click Add Libraries.
    The Libraries modal opens with a list of available libraries. Filters appear on the left.
  2. Click to select one or more libraries you want to add to the workspace.
  3. Click OK.
    The libraries appear in your workspace.
  4. To place a block on the workspace, click your desired library, then click and drag a block onto the workspace.

    Delete blocks by selecting the block and pressing Delete on your keyboard, by dragging the block to the trash, or by using the right-click menu. If you delete or trash a block, all attached blocks are also deleted/trashed.

    Deleted blocks can be retrieved later in the session, if desired, by clicking the trashcan and dragging blocks back onto the workspace.

    Use caution: Blocks are permanently emptied from the trash when you exit a workspace.