Here are the changes we document in the Release Notes:

  • New Features - Brand new functionality to help you improve your testing efforts.
  • Updates - Changes we’ve made, large and small, that we want you to be aware of.
  • Bug Fixes - Issues we’ve resolved to make AutoBlocks work as designed.

April 7, 2021

Bug Fixes

  • We fixed a bug on the Connection screen that prevented upper- and lower-case connection names from being properly sorted.

  • We fixed a bug on the Workspaces screen that caused alignment issues when the Activity Log was open.

  • We fixed some minor annoyances in the Code Editor and improved loading in the app. 

April 6, 2021


  • We've updated the logic around connection deletion. We've added the ability to show/hide deleted connections in the connection grid, where you can also now restore them. If you restore a previously deleted connection, you will need to reauthorize it.
  • The connection grid can be sorted A–Z  and Z–A.

Bug Fixes

  • We fixed a bug in the Code Editor that prevented modules from automatically loading.

April 1, 2021

Product Launch! 

This is no April Fool's joke, ladies and gents. We're thrilled to officially introduce you to AutoBlocks, Adaptavist’s visual integration platform built to help you automate with Atlassian tools. Building integrations in AutoBlocks is primarily code-based, but within an innovative Blocks UI powered by Google Blockly. So rather than limit your integration potential with a no-code UI, AutoBlocks embraces code in its hybrid UI and focuses on providing an unrivaled developer experience so you can build your scripts faster than ever. Amazing!

AutoBlocks is the one-stop-shop for multi-instance integration, designed to grow with you as your environment evolves and scales. AutoBlocks handles Atlassian integrations, third-party integrations, and bespoke integrates for any service that talks over HTTP. 

See UI and Navigation Basics to get a feel for the different parts of AutoBlocks UI, then give it a play. And check back here in the coming weeks as we add ready-made recipes to help you produce working automations in minutes.