Just as the best chefs sometimes rely on a cookbook for inspiration, the best developers often need a quick Google search or a consultation with Stack Overflow to get them started on a new project. AutoBlocks is really no different, so we humbly offer the use of our pre-configured recipes to give you a head-start on building something awesome.

AutoBlocks recipes are designed to cover typical use cases that work well with AutoBlocks, especially as you're learning your way around the app. Tweak and customize them into something that’s just to your liking, just like a recipe from your favorite cookbook.

Recipe Basics

Each time you create a new workspace, you are given the option to create from scratch or begin with a recipe.

To create a blank workspace, click Blank Workspace on the New Workspace screen.

To create a workspace based on a recipe, select the recipe you want to work with, and click Create Workspace.

You can select a category on the left side of the screen to filter the recipes. Some recipes exist in multiple categories; e.g., a recipe to integrate between Slack and Jira Cloud exists in both the Slack and Jira Cloud categories.

The new workspace's name is, by default, generated from the recipe name and the workspace ID, though you can change the name at any time.

Once you've settled on a name for the workspace, click Save. Your new workspace opens and reveals the recipe blocks. Now it's all yours to build upon and customize!

Out of the box, recipes come without any connections configured and sometimes have boilerplate code that you'll need to tweak and customize to get them to work as intended. Follow the instructions in the workspace Comment blocks on how to get the recipe working.


  • There isn’t a recipe for an integration I need to build. Can you help?
    More than likely! Submit your recipe requests (and your ideas for general app improvements) to the AutoBlocks feedback page.

  • Can I publish my own recipes for my colleagues to use?
    Not yet, but we’re working on it. Please stay tuned to the Release Notes for the latest updates about AutoBlocks.
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