Common questions, honest answers.

Who makes AutoBlocks?

AutoBlocks is made and supported with love by our team at Adaptavist, which is a London-based solutions provider that is trusted by more than 10,000 companies worldwide, including half of the Fortune 500. The company was founded in 2007 and has more than 400 employees worldwide. Adaptavist is a Platinum Atlassian Solutions Partner in EMEA and North America, a Platinum Marketplace Partner, a SAFe® Gold Transformation Partner, and a trusted Slack and AWS partner.

Our awesome AutoBlocks team is pretty distributed. We have team members based in the UK, Estonia, Malaysia, Spain, the US, and Canada. We’re all working from home right now, but can’t wait to get back into the office one day soon.

I’ve got a great idea for a new feature. How do I let you know?

You can make new suggestions or vote on other people’s great ideas on the AutoBlocks Nolt! You can also access Nolt in AutoBlocks by clicking Feedback on the right side of the screen:

The button is vertical in the UI, though. (tongue) 

Waaah! 😭I love AutoBlocks but don’t know how to code in TypeScript! 

No need to cry about it—we’ve got your back! Contact us about our Scripting-as-a-Service capabilities. 

There are no automated triggers for Confluence Cloud. What gives?

Right now there is no way for us to manage webhooks in Confluence Cloud. Atlassian is aware of this problem, and there is a ticket that you can watch and vote for: https://jira.atlassian.com/browse/CONFCLOUD-36613

How long does the evaluation period last?

We don’t believe in evaluation periods. We believe that software needs to be instantly useful and that you shouldn’t have to pay for it if you’re not using it to do real work. Our free plan allows you just enough capability to test everything you might want to do with AutoBlocks and even gives you a lot of power to integrate your stuff manually, and the plan has no time limit. We’re committed to making our free plan free of charge forever.

If you want to use AutoBlocks a lot for a few weeks during a project, you can upgrade your plan for a month or two and revert back to the free plan when you’re done. You won’t lose any of your work, you just need to remember to deactivate any workspace that you’re not using and downgrade your plan again.

Find out more about our pricing plans.

Your Managed API doesn’t support the method I want to use. How can I get it added or use the endpoint I need?

APIs evolve and change constantly. We try our best to keep up and add new methods as they're available. We’ll announce API updates via our Release Notes, but depending on the API, the update process can take a bit of time on our end. We deliberately don’t support all API methods, just the ones we think you’ll need. If we’ve missed something or if you find yourself waiting, please reach out and us know via support ticket, and we’ll do our best to move your request to the top of our API-updates list.

Also, you might consider using Fetch API to access methods that aren’t currently supported by our managed API.

I work for a software company, and I think our product would be a great fit for AutoBlocks. How do I go about building recipes, blocks, connectors, and managed APIs for AutoBlocks users?

Sounds like you should join our partner program!

Where is AutoBlocks hosted?

AutoBlocks is 100% in the cloud, and we cache a few things in your local browser to make things run a bit more smoothly. Right now we are hosted in AWS eu-west-1 which is in the European Union in the Republic of Ireland. Get in touch with us if you have any specific hosting requirements.

We make it easy to keep tabs on the AutoBlocks status, plus the status of the third-party services that you use AutoBlocks to manage.

I need you to provide first-class support for the software I use. How do I go about getting that done?

Head over to our Nolt feedback page and make a suggestion (or vote for somebody else’s if it's already listed).

I love AutoBlocks recipes, but I want to make my own. How do I do that?

Right now you can duplicate a workspace by clicking on the more-options menu () on any existing workspace tile, then clicking Duplicate Workspace. We plan to add the ability for you to publish your own recipes very soon. Keep an eye out for that in our Release Notes.

How do I collaborate with friends and colleagues on an AutoBlocks workspace?

The organization feature is coming soon.

If I test AutoBlocks with my Jira On-Premise and I have a firewall, what IP address do I need to allowlist so I can access the app?

The IP address is

Why do you use JavaScript highlighting in the documentation if TypeScript is the preferred language in the Code Editor?

The code in the AutoBlocks doc is TypeScript with JavaScript highlighting. Unfortunately, Confluence Server, which we use to author our documentation, doesn't support TypeScript highlighting. (sad) Our doc team is looking for a solution, so this is a temporary issue. Regardless, TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript, so the code you see in the docs is accurate—Javascript is valid TypeScript for all intents and purposes.

Can I share connections with my colleagues?

Not yet, but we’re planning to add this feature very soon.

I used to use AutoBlocks for Jira Server/Data Center. Can I migrate my workspaces across to the new AutoBlocks?

Unfortunately, there is no direct migration path between the legacy AutoBlocks for Jira Server/Data Center (2019 version) and the new AutoBlocks (2021 version). However, we will happily help you build new workspaces in AutoBlocks to replace your legacy workspace. All of the automated functionality of the legacy product is available in the new AutoBlocks, plus a whole lot more. Please get in touch via AutoBlocks support to seek help.

I'm a vampire. Where's my dark mode?

It’s coming in the not-too-distant future—promise!

Is it possible to code my workspace entirely with AutoBlocks without writing any code?

Not yet, but that’s the direction in which we’re headed. Check out these Blockly apps that we admire to get an idea of our intended trajectory:

How do I look as fresh and geek-chic as humanly possible?

Grab yourself an AutoBlocks t-shirt from the merch store! More goodies to come in the near future, too.

How do I cancel my AutoBlocks subscription or account?

Right now, changing or canceling your account/subscription isn’t self-serviceable, but it will be soon.

To make changes to your account or subscription in the interim, raise a support ticket.

I’ve got a question that isn’t really a support issue or a suggestion for an improvement. How do I get in touch?

Nice! We’d love to hear from you.

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