This topic walks Jira admins through the process of creating a connection for Jira Server or Jira Data Center instances.


Before you create a connection to a Jira On-Premise instance, ensure the following:

  • You're a Jira admin OR you have a Jira admin colleague to create and amend application links and webhooks (for using triggers).
  • Your Jira instance is open to the internet. You may need to apply changes to your firewall if your Jira instance cannot be accessed by AutoBlocks, which is cloud-based.
  • If you have a firewall, you need to whitelist the following IP address:

Creating the Connection

  1. Click Connection > New Connection.
    The service-selection screen appears.

  2. Navigate to and click the Jira On-Premise card.
    The Manage Connection screen appears.

  3. Give the connection a name, then click Setup.
    The authorization wizard appears.

    You can save the connection without setting it up by entering a connection name and clicking Save.

  4. Complete the authorization wizard:

    1. Add Instance URL
      Enter the URL of the Jira On-Premise instance, then click Next.
    2. Create Application Link
      Follow the instructions to set up an app link, then click Next.
      (If your Jira admin has already configured the app link to AutoBlocks, you may skip this step.)
    3. Enter Details
      Add your Consumer Key, Consumer Name, and Public Key details, then click Next. 
      (If your Jira admin has already configured the app link to AuthoBlocks, you may skip this step.)
    4. Authorize
      Click Authorize. A new browser tab opens and prompts you to allow (or deny) the connection.
      Click Allow on the browser prompt.

      Sometimes this process fails the first time you complete the wizard. If that happens, repeat the same steps.

      When successful, you'll see a confirmation screen that states "Authorization successfully completed."

    5. Close the wizard
      Click Done to close the wizard.
      Successful connection tiles are labeled Authorized.
  5. Click Save.
    Your newly authorized connection is ready to go! You can find it in the Connections view with the authorized label ().